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Don't miss this incredible chance to learn from some of the best musicians in the business! In our Band workshop you’ll have the opportunity to not only learn from, but play alongside the SING OUT! House band.


These musicians have worked with some of the best artists in the world, including Emeli Sande, Amy Winehouse and Chris Brown. If you play keys, guitar, bass or drums you’ll be able to sit-in with the band and play, as well as have all of your questions answered!


Open to players of all abilities, guitarists and bass players are also welcome to bring their own instruments.

Choir Director

An incredible opportunity for choir directors of all levels to learn from world-renowned director and SING OUT! Sunday founder, Mark De­Lisser. He’ll be sharing tips from his book '100 Ways to Inspire Your Choir' and opening the floor to all your choral questions.


As well as those interested in becoming leaders, we highly recommend this workshop for all choir leaders and directors at SING OUT! Sunday, who are looking to take their leadership to another level.


Whether you’re used to singing solo in your choir, or have never been in the spotlight before, there is something here for everyone to learn. You’ll be learning the skills needed to take the lead, including musicality, emotional connection and personal interpretation.


During this workshop there will opportunities to sing solo but it’s by no means compulsory! There will be plenty of group singing too, so come ready to raise your voice!

Tenor / Bass

Here’s one for all the men! Many tenor and bass singers will have encountered some of the tricky areas of this vocal section, and this workshop will help you conquer them all!


You’ll be tackling many skills including range, control and blend with the help of one of ACM Gospel Choir’s top singers!


The alto workshop explores the techniques and skills that this section demands. You’ll be learning from ACM Gospel Choir’s finest altos who will be helping to develop your sound, focussing on areas such as tone, range and control.


For experienced and new alto singers alike, this is a workshop not to be missed!


These workshops are tailored to help you get the best sound from within your own choir part. Whether you sing in a choir regularly or not, these workshops are a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills:

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In this workshop you'll cover a range of vocal skills including power, control, agility and emotional connection, all aimed specifically at sopranos.


Get ready to be put through your paces and take your vocal ability to a whole new level!

Throughout the Saturday of your SING OUT! weekend, you can enjoy up to three workshops of your choosing. You can sign-up for one workshop from each category to make the very most of your SING OUT! experience...

Female Tenor

For talented ladies who can hit the low notes, we have a special workshop just for you! In this specialist workshop you’ll be exploring what makes your tenor sound unique and how to get the most out of your voice.


This is a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly individual set of skills!


For your second workshop it’s time to really find your individuality ­ whether that’s as a choir director or a soloist. Both of these workshops are open to those of all experience and confidence levels:


Struggling with your choir’s step clicks? Can't get the hang of those claps? Here's your opportunity to improve your confidence moving on stage!


You’ll be working with West End dancer and ACM Gospel Choir member Vanessa Campbell in this introduction to movement. There's no fitness or ability level necessary to attend this workshop, you’ll be learning some basic moves and, most importantly, how to free up your body on stage!


For final workshop of the day you can either get moving in our movement workshop or get grooving with our band!

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